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Here at Impetus we take pride in providing global and local businesses with more than just information management systems and solutions. Our team’s expertise in digital transformation, business intelligence, and information management helps our clients to efficiently implement their strategies and achieve their goals.





Every business has best practises, standard operating procedures and processes that are relevant to them. Processes are the building blocks of every business, it’s what opens the doors, manufactures products, sells to customers and makes businesses tick. 

One of the most essential tools that every business needs, but one that is often overlooked, is a tool that promotes discovery, modeling, analysis, improvements and optimisation of business processes.

Business Process Management is not just task management or project management, it is far more extensive and comprehensive. Task management focuses on an individual and project management focuses on a one-time event. Business process management focuses on the repeatable tasks that need to be monitored and managed for the functioning and profitability of the entire business.

Successful business process management systems can streamline the workflows, increase efficiencies and reduce costs for every business. OPUS is the system that allows businesses of any size to achieve this:

• Monitor all business activities
• Co-ordinate employees
• Incorporate advanced analytics
• Utilize decision-making management
• Unify business systems 

Our experienced in-house team and global partners take charge of the sales, implementation and maintenance of applications that will enable you to work in a more technologically advanced, paperless environment. Our trusted vendors ensure that applications are always user-friendly, customisable, and updatable.


Our team is located across Europe, the UK, and South Africa, giving us a global presence.


Impetus and OPUS have joined forces to deliver cutting-edge solutions to businesses worldwide.

OPUS specializes in providing tailored solutions that simplify business processes.

Its mobile data collection tool enables field teams to effortlessly submit digital checklists, including rich media content such as photos,  to an online dashboard for comprehensive reporting and analytics. From daily question-based checklists to complex monthly audits, OPUS can be customized to fit any business that has a mobile workforce. The app’s user-friendly interface makes manual data collection with pen and paper a thing of the past.

Enhance your business decision-making with efficient data collection and powerful analytics by implementing OPUS’s innovative solutions.

The Paperless way to PLAN – MANAGE – SCHEDULE – COLLECT data in the workplace



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